Arduino Temperature Reader

 Arduino is a family of single-board micro-controllers, intended to make it easier to build interactive objects or environments. I used it to make a temperature reader. This project is to make the Arduino read the temperature.The Arduino example only reads the temperature in Celsius.So, I customized the program to measure Fahrenheit and Celsius. I ran into some issues while making the program. One of the most difficult issues was making it read the correct temperature. The problem was that when the computer divided 9 and 5, it rounded the fraction to 1. So it would not read the exact number.

Correct form: Float F = (1.8)*temperature+32;

Wrong form: Float F = (9/5)*temperature+32;

(1.8 came is the decimal of 9/5)

Another issue I had was organizing all the program. I would sometimes define the temperature differently and that would mess up how the programmed function because the computer did not know what definition it should use.

You can find the program in Programs.




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