Surveillance Camera

The first Project I did with the raspberry pi was the surveillance camera. The Surveillance camera was a pretty easy projects for me. All you needed was a Raspberry Pi, a dummy IR surveillance camera, and the Raspberry Pi camera module. The dummy IR Surveillance camera was too small for the raspberry pi to fit so, what I did was, I dismantled the whole camera and put it back together without the top inside layer. To fit the raspberry pi, you have to cut a piece of cardboard and slide it through the inside of the camera. This would help the Raspberry Pi stay stationary. The big problem was the Raspberry pi camera module. It was a big problem because every time you try to enable the Camera module, it would never turn on ad not get identified by the Raspberry pi. To fix this, I ordered a different camera module. This one was recognized by the Raspberry Pi.


Raspberry Pi camera module:

IR Dummy Camera:

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