Surgery Robot

I chose this article because when you have a brain surgery, there is a risk that a human doctor can make a mistake by maybe cutting a nerve that he/she was not supposed to. Unlike the human, a robot can deliver the surgery without leaving a huge scar on the patient’s head, finish the surgery quickly, and is less error prone.




I think that this robot will be very helpful in hospitals because it will help human doctors finish their jobs quickly and not leave a whole mess in the patient’s head. The robot will leave less of a scar. It is your choice to agree if you want robots to replace human doctors or not. In the article, I learnt that there are many different ways to conduct head surgeries. Some of them are beyond a human doctor’s abilities. The particular robot that has been designed for head surgeries will deliver it by going through the cheek and leaving a very small dot.




  1. Well, your article has convince me. If I ever need surgery for my head, I do not want a doctor’s hands in there making a mess. I will choose the robot.

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